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Enterprise Software Built For Lawyers By Lawyers

Adjutant Co is an enterprise software company that saves lawyers time and money. We realize that the practice of law presents many professional and personal challenges, and our enterprise software helps alleviate these burdens. It’s simply a fact that lawyers need to dramatically cut down on administrative costs while also increasing their productivity for their clients. Adjutant Co’s enterprise software empowers lawyers to complete administrative tasks quicker in order to better serve their clients and grow their practice areas. By allowing lawyers to save time and money while in the office, our enterprise software allows lawyers to enjoy more time out of the office with friends and family. Our enterprise software also gives lawyers the “freedom of movement” to focus on expanding their legal practitioner knowledgebase instead of worrying about mundane administrative tasks. At Adjutant Co, we believe that a happy lawyer is a better lawyer, and this philosophy goes into every enterprise software product that we develop.


Enterprise software provides efficiencies and predictive analytics for businesses, and the practice of law is one of the last remaining industries that has not taken advantage of enterprise software. We believe this to be the case because lawyers, rightfully due to their training and their mission statement, are cautious by nature and because no one has come along to custom build enterprise software specifically to the wants and needs of lawyers. The expanding nature of technological advancement has made it so that clients will soon expect and demand that all lawyers use enterprise software, and macro across-the-board business trends show that lawyers will only remain competitive if they embrace enterprise software. Thus, the legal industry is on the verge of experiencing a fundamental shift towards the innovation that will be produced through enterprise software. However, we also realize that the practice of law is unique, and generic “one-size-fits all” enterprise software simply won’t do. That might work for other industries, but lawyers are different. As a company founded and directed by lawyers, Adjutant Co custom-builds enterprise software to meet the specific wants and needs of each legal practice area. As such, we build enterprise software for lawyers by lawyers.


Adjutant Co is named after the historic military position that provided administrative support for unit commanders both in garrison and in the field. Alexander Hamilton, who served as General George Washington’s Adjutant, comes to mind. Today, adjutants continue to provide administrative support to military units, and our founder previously served as an adjutant for air wing, reconnaissance and infantry units within the United States Marine Corps. As was known during the time of General Washington, “the Adjutant forms the line of battle.” Adjutant Co intends to execute on this tenet as we build enterprise software that will save lawyers time and money. Simply put, every lawyer needs an Adjutant.

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