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Adjutant Co’s software automates Case Intake for law firms. Our process saves law firms time and money, and it helps them sign up high-value cases prior to their competition. This allows our lawyer customers to grow their legal practice while also having more time for family and friends. As we say at Adjutant Co, “a happy lawyer is a better performing lawyer.”
Adjutant Co is named after the historic military position that provided administrative support for unit commanders both in garrison and in the field. Alexander Hamilton, who served as General George Washington’s Adjutant, comes to mind. Today, adjutants continue to provide administrative support to military units, and our founder previously served as an adjutant for air wing, reconnaissance and infantry units within the United States Marine Corps. As was known during the time of General Washington, “the Adjutant forms the line of battle.” Adjutant Co intends to execute on this tenet as we build enterprise software that will save lawyers time and money. Simply put, every lawyer needs an Adjutant.

Meet The Team


David Alexander

Founder/Chief Executive Officer

Former practicing attorney with leadership experience as an adjutant officer in the U.S. Marine Corps and as a former Connecticut State Representative. Gained national media attention for passing a landmark Connecticut Adoption Birth Certificate Bill and spearheaded a Connecticut Veterans Jobs Bill that serves as a national model.

Love Bajpai copy.jpg

Love Bajpai

Chief Technology Officer

Results-driven leader with deep expertise in data, systems, and analytics.  Experienced in translating business needs into appropriate and pragmatic solutions that improve business value and align with organizational direction.  Known as a positive, curious and resourceful collaborator, leading high-performing teams through transformational change. 

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