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0180 Case Intake Software


Designed By Practicing Personal Injury Attorneys

  • Pick From Three Channels: Web Chat, SMS Text and Phone

  • AI Produced Legal Memo Emailed For Every Lead Outlining Initial Case Fact Pattern In Real Time

  • AI Produced Analytical Rating For Both Damages and Liability For Vehicle and “Slip-and-Fall” Cases

  • Communicates In Both English and Spanish

  • Contact Information Captured For Each Lead

  • Nonviable and Nonrelevant Cases Flushed Out At Law Firm’s Discretion

  • Saves Time and Money By Getting Intake Information Faster and Cheaper

  • Fastest Running Web Chat and SMS Text Platform On The Market

  • Web Chat Completely Customizable For Each Law Firm’s Website

  • Ability To Customize Case Intake Questions

  • Ability For Existing Clients To Leave The Law Firm A Message via Web Chat, SMS Text and Phone

  • SMS Text Notification When Each Lead Is Emailed To Law Firm

  • Named After The “0180” Marine Corps Adjutant Military Occupation Specialty

Auto-Population Transactions Platform:

(A.P.-T.P. for short)

Designed For Estate Planning and Real Estate Attorneys


  • Automates the file upload process through auto-population technology

  • Scan or cellphone photograph file documents in order to have all pertinent information automatically stored in the cloud and annotated on every pertinent form for every jurisdiction

  • Clients are automatically contacted via call, email and/or text regarding documents that need to be submitted

  • Saves attorneys time and money by completely automating the file management administrative process

  • Just scan and press “enter,” and let Adjutant Co take care of the rest


Attorney Digital Calendar Platform

 (A.D.-C.P. for short)

Designed For Criminal Defense Attorneys


  • Digital calendar schedules appearances for each client’s court proceeding

  • Client court appearances pulled from API Open Source in order to ensure complete accuracy

  • Digital calendar automatically schedules client court appearances the moment it is publicly available

  • Clients get reminders of court appearances via call, email and/or text with a press of a button

  • Automatically syncs with attorneys’ personal calendars to de-conflict professional and personal conflicts

  • App-based features such as reminders and traffic alerts

  • Saves attorneys time and money by completely automating the criminal defense client scheduling process

  • Eventually to be expanded to civil law

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